Simone Bossi

Security Consultant at Horizon Security
co-Founder at cryptcoffee
MSc Student at unimi

An expert is a man who has made all the
mistakes which can be made,
in a narrow field
- Niels Bohr




I'm currently working as a Security Consultant at Horizon Security where I mainly carry out pentesting activities, and attending a MSc in Computer Science at University of Milan. I love CTFs and I play every time I can at the LaSER Laboratory with the fuffateam.


I previously worked as a cryptanalyst at STMicroelectronics, a world leader multinational in semiconductor solutions.

In 2014 toghether with a couple of classmates, I co-founded cryptcoffee and if you're an InfoSec addicted as I am, I suggest you to take a look..

I graduated in 2014 at the University of Milan , where I was part of the CLUB Laboratory. My BSc thesis is titled "Can a FDE solution provide security in the event that personal data is lost or stolen?"


Outside of Computer Science I've a couple of hobbies that are Music and Photogaphy.
I've been a guitar player in a rock band for a while and now I enjoy playing in an acoustic duo named Drawing Melodies.
I use to drop here the few decent pics I take so... Come to have a look ;)